Sara Bonetti
+1 (919) 660-5493


M.S. in Civil Engineering (summa cum laude), September 2011, University of Padova, Italy

B.S. in Civil Engineering (summa cum laude), September 2009, University of Padova, Italy


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  2. Manoli, G., Bonetti, S., Domec, J. C., Putti, M., Katul, G., & Marani, M. (2014). Tree root systems competing for soil moisture in a 3D soil–plant model. Advances in Water Resources66, 32-42.
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Conference Abstracts
  1. Porporato, A., Bonetti, S. and X. Feng (2014). Environmental controls and space-time biodiversity patterns in the Amazon. Abstract PP14A-07, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 15-19.
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